Hey boys!!! I just noticed right now that you are on, looking at the site. I'm in the middle of posting a lot of stuff, and photos too, and it's taking a while. It was great to see your user name pop up.

A Day in Our Life

6:00 am: Wake up and try and get in the shower at just the right time. If we get in too early, the water is scalding hot (even if you only have cold water on). If you get in too late, the water is arctic--not just cool but literally freezing cold---generally, the perfect shower time is about 6:30---but again, that may be true today, and not tomorrow. Today, Steve had to sponge off because the water was literally too hot and I had to sponge off because it was too cold. Better luck next time.


The temperature warmed just enough today to melt the unplowed snow in the streets into a lovely brown slush that splashes onto everything!! The lovely fresh snow look is gone for now and has been replaced by the gray dirty old snow look that is oddly reminiscent to me of the old days growing up in Chicago. This morning Steve broke the door handle on the van---not good!! We will have to pay a small "fine" towards it's repair--which is a bummer since he was the unlucky one to open the door. We are quite sure it would have broken for anyone who opened the door, but Steve was the lucky contestant today!! So now, we will just stand by the door, staring at it until someone else opens it. We won't make that mistake twice : )