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Good Morning Sunday!!

Good morning Boys!! I wanted you to wake up Sunday morning and know that I love you! I'm really sorry about the Chargers game--I heard it was painful to watch--just like that Indianapolis game where the Colts won with a field goal in OT. Bummer.

More Photos

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Fashion Queen

It's Sunday afternoon in Karaganda, and we only have our morning visit to the baby house on Sundays, so we're relaxing now. Bummer about the Chargers. Maybe in 2014.

Supergalactic Chiropractic

That's what I need right now. It's merely a cross-cultural observation (not a criticism, of course), but I think people would smile more (in general) if they slept on more than a box spring. Oh, my neck!!!! I've slept on some pretty crummy hospital chair/bed/sofa things after each kid was born, but this is taking it to new lows (it's NOT that I'm getting older either).

Aliya Giggles

Aliya Giggles

Alie got the giggles on Friday. If Amy did this several times shown in the clip, she must have repeated it a hundred times. A giggle every time.

Spy Hunter

Austen & Spencer--

Sure we can trade in the Spy Hunter game, at any game stop or other game store. They should buy it back for a fraction of the full price, or give you credit towards another game.


Finally! I got my international cell phone fired up here today, with Jim Ramsay's help. Now the locals can start calling me for Russian translation services. Right!


Proud Mom

For me (Steve), there are many layers of emotion involved in the experience of international adoption. It will take a while to post through all of them, but I have a lot on my mind as I observe a baby join our family, as I watch my wife start a new role as mom to a newborn, and as I travel around the City of Karaganda and try to imagine what my new daughter's life would be if she grew up here.

hey--it's mommy

Hi guys,

It's mommy here. Daddy is out running around (big surprise) and I am with Cass while she sleeps. It is snowing today. When it snows it is not quite as cold so that is good. Last night was so cold my nose hurt!! Our shower is small and round, but perfect for Cassidy's bath. You big guys might now fit, but we will be in an apartment and not a hotel by the time you get here.