I got a call on my cell phone tonight from Tyler Johnson. He and his family (wife Gina, daughter Nadia (4), and his parents, who came to help with Nadia and meet their new grandson) arrived safely in Aktobe, KZ yesterday for their adoption.

He was partly calling to get some help connecting to the dialup internet service here, and I hope he has been able to log on by now. (From the "recent updates" section of their home page, it looks like they got on to update the page.)

They had a whirlwind trip. Having planned an overnight in Almaty, they were told as soon as they landed from North Carolina that they needed to leave right away to Aktobe, their destination in Kazakhstan. So they flew there, landed, were driven to the apartment to drop off their stuff, and then immediately were told they were needed at the baby house. They had their first visit with several children yesterday, with no sleep.

They will be blogging their trip at

In November and December, our friends the Morrisons from Sacramento blogged their trip to Karaganda.

Everybody's doing it. Who's next??