Feeding Hungry Innertubers

Mike's Snacks

Our webservant posted a comment to yesterday's post about sledding and innertubing, and was imagining what the Mike Goulet snack shack looked like.

Mike served up hot chocolate and coffee, cookies, popcorn, chips, pretzels (a rare commodity here in Kaz) and other goodies for five families, totaling 16 kids and 11 adults.

Strauss Family Fame

While he did that, Tim Strauss was interviewed by a local television station doing a story on "recreation in Almaty," and "What Americans do to blow off steam in their free time." I hope we can get a tape of that interview with Tim (and his son Caleb) for Mary, Tim's mom (Caleb's grandma) back in Escondido.

Here are some photos. Speculate no more Jason--Mike set us up. All 27 of us.