A Friend in Need . . .

Well they found the missing paperwork! We do exist after all . . . It wasn't lost in San Diego at the immigration office there, as we originally thought. The San Diego Office submitted proof that it was sent to the Embassy in Almaty (Home of the "We Never Lose Things" Superburger) in March of 2004. Which explains why our facilitator confirmed with the Embassy before we came to Kazakhstan that the Embassy had our paperwork. Since then, our files were erased, or perhaps we were entered into the equivalent of the Kazakhstani witness protection program. That's probably why everyone here stares at us like we don't fit in---

Missing Paperwork

As Friday comes to a close, we begin a countdown that sees us leaving Karaganda in five days---early Wednesday morning. We have finally let ourselves start to get excited about the prospect of seeing "a light at the end of the tunnel" on this trip. Until now, we have not dreamed too much of being home, and only now are we starting to let our thoughts drift to 426 Chestnut Lane. The day though has not been without excitement (why would we want the entire process to be drama-free?) and so once again we are asking again for your prayers.

Christian World Adoption


For the life of our site, we've had a link to our agency's website, which details the adoption programs that they coordinate from their offices in the Carolinas, placing orphans from all around the world with new families. Tracy Froidcoeur is our "case worker," and more.

Well Connected


This girl has got the connections!! Yesterday she grabbed the iPod and turned up the volume. Tonight we got word that she received her passport--in one day. If there was any "delay" in getting it issued as we reported earlier, it was just long enough for lunch,

What's "Wrong" With This??

Snow Ball

All the boys played a little snow ball today. I had promised the boys that if it got UP to ten degrees below (that's celsius), we could play some ball. (Minus ten is comfortable with no gloves on your hands for about ten minutes--there have been days where a minute with no gloves sends you running around with your hands deep in your coat pockets.) We had to make some bases, so we gathered what we could find, and came up with our Ritz cracker box for home plate, a

Aliya Grace Nelson


It has a permanent and sweet ring to it, doesn't it??

Our translator Lena just called and said the court has approved Aliya's adoption with finality, and issued an adoption certificate. The quest for the rest of the paperwork is underway.

Welcome to the family, Aliya!!!

Feeding the Hungry

Ramstore Shelf
Ramstore Warning

We've received a variety of e-mails since we arrived from other families who recently travelled here, or who will travel here soon. Some will bring their kids with them to meet new siblings. It's fun to talk about what kids will eat while here--and many other weblogs adoptive parents have kept spend a lot of time on food.


Tomorrow is February 8th and the official end of the appeals/waiting period that we have been in. What does that mean? It means that Aliya will be officially and without a doubt OURS!!! Now we've felt that way since our court date, but I suppose there was always a remote chance (although we've been told it never happens) that someone could appeal the judge's decision.

Aliya's Home

51 Gogol Street

This is a photo of Aliya's current home at 51/1 Gogol Street in Karaganda Kazakhstan. Three windows right above the entryway, on the fourth floor, is our kitchen, and you might be able to see Amy peeking out at me and the kids playing in the snowlot downstairs.

The Eyes Have It


We took a vote from the kids today, and they decided they had been looking at the ceiling for too many days in a row. So I took Austen, Spencer, and Cassidy out for lunch. Hot dogs, french fries, and whatever soda they wanted. Excellent move.