Cabin Fever

It was -13 degrees outside this morning, and it was about 90 degrees in our apartment!! As we sit here writing to you at 10 pm, we have our patio door open trying to cool off.

Steve is in a shirt and undies and is still hot!! (I know---TMI!!) We got word today that it was TOO COLD for the baby to go outside for the next few days!! We were hoping to go see the maternity hospital where she was born on Sunday and that has been postponed until the tropical breeze blows through. So, here we are---in our cozy abode---with no where to go. I think even Aliya got restless today. We will send Steve out soon to drum up some sort of a walker or something so that she will have something to do other than crawl on the hard floors and be held. Her knees are already red and she is trying to figure out how to crawl without putting her knees down.

We Survived!


Good Morning All (good evening for you)! Well, we made it through our first night together with very little excitement. Aliya went down (with just a bit of fussing) at 8:30--which was what we were told was her bedtime. She was indeed acting tired--and I only had to go in once to provide mama comfort.

Welcome "home" Aliya

Bye Malutka

I sit here tonight at 10:15 pm and I am an emotional wreck!! Let me try and share. This evening we left the baby house with Aliya---she LOVED getting all of her outdoor clothes on (at least that's what I think those cries of utter distress were), but she was truly fascinated and wide eyed once we were outside and on the road!

Good News


Today was our 16th day at the orphanage---30 total visits!! It is hard to believe we have been that many times---it all runs together into a few big visits in my mind. Aliya was in a great mood today--she is into everything.

The Eagle Has Landed

Cassidy Ready to Move

Today was cold, windy and snowy---the snow blew across the road as we rode to the baby house. We spent the morning packing up our hotel room. I've got to be honest--packing is NOT one of my favorite things. I felt like we had twice as much stuff as when we arrived. Between large baby coats, hats, mittens and baby clothes as well as all of our grocery

Premier Hotel

Although our friends down the hall have dubbed this the "no-tell" hotel, with lots of hourly visitors each night in neighboring rooms, we have had a quiet experience here. Lena called tonight and said we'll be moving to our apartment tomorrow evening, and there are a few things about the hotel we will miss.

The Search for the Perfect Snowsuit

Today, being Sunday, meant only one visit to the baby house. We enjoyed our morning with Aliya---eating LARGE bowls of grub, drinking a little tea, swinging, crawling, playing Princess Polly Pockets, and of course, cuddling. Our afternoon mission was clear---find a suitable snowsuit for Aliya to leave the baby house in--and wear the rest of our time in Almaty.

We missed you!!

Hi Guys,

I think we slept too late and now you are probably at church!! I'm so sorry--I was trying to stay still and sleep longer so Cass would stay asleep and we all dozed until 8:12 when Cass announced she was hungry!! Today we will only go to the baby house one time and then in the afternoon, we will look for a snowsuit for her. You will laugh when you see how big they are!!